Fieldstone Financial

I have invested the better part of the last two decades observing and actively listening to clients, advisors and staff members in an attempt to establish what I believe to be the solution to the many conflicts of interest that permeate the financial planning and investment advisory industry. I built this firm from the ground up to provide truly objective advice to those demanding guidance unencumbered by traditional product driven approaches.

In doing so, I have myself performed each and every task that our highly skilled advisors and support staff perform today. This too has proven to be an instrumental part in the development of Fieldstone Financial as, like the hub in a wagon wheel connects with each spoke forming the wheel itself, it has allowed me to interface with those performing various functions within the firm.

My journey has also enabled me to understand how critical it is to identify and work with clients, advisors and staff members that integrate well in our organizational culture here at Fieldstone Financial.


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Advisors Network

We’re building a national presence at Fieldstone Financial and our network offering, which has been built by advisors for advisors, represents an opportunity for you to delegate your day to day back office tasks so that you can focus all of your attention on bettering your existing client relationships and finding new ones. 


Among other things, we deliver marketing systems, marketing support, sales coaching, independent research, portfolio trading, client facing performance reporting, compliance, practice acquisition support, exit strategy planning and exit capital all through our state of the art technology platform powered by Concert Wealth Management. 


Our objective is to allow you to effectively compete with the big firms while maintaining a personalized, high touch, more profitable small firm feel.